Vocal Chords Strengthening Exercises

Vocal chords strengthening exercises let us take good care of a very important part of our body - the vocal chords. Vocal chords are very important because it play a very important role in our lives. We use it all the time, everyday, to express ourselves' communication. Some use this as their way of living such as singers, barkers, TV or radio host, call center agents and many other occupations that makes use of the voice most of the time. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and strengthen our vocal chords.

First off, you need to use the appropriate vocal chords strengthening exercises suited to the size of your vocal chords. How do we determine the size? Thick vocal chords produces lower, richer sounding voice while thin vocal chords tends to produce higher pitched sound. The size of your vocal chords is permanent, thus what's more important is to enhance its performance through appropriate vocal chords strengthening exercises.

Vocal chord stretching is one effective vocal chord strengthening exercise. This will help improve vibration of the vocal chords when we sing or speak. The degree of vibration and the quality of the sound produce depends on degree of stretching it. Your voice power depends on how you control the tightness of your vocal chords.

Another technique is controlling the amount of air while singing. It is not enough to sing, sing and sing, music experts believed that vocal chords strengthening exercises can help a lot in order for your to sing like a pro. Air control while the vocal chords are vibrating to produce sound is one effective vocal chord strengthening exercise.

The next vocal chord strengthening exercise includes exercising also the tongue. A French scientist believed that the hypo-glossus muscle in the tongue plays a vital part to produce power in the voice and the vocal chords. To exercise the tongue muscle, you need to first relax it flat in the mouth. Then start to roll both sides towards the center of the tongue so that it creates a passage or groove in the middle. The strength of the vocal chord is believed to be influenced by this movement.

These are only the basic vocal chords strengthening exercises. There are a lot of exercises available which suit every voice range. Music experts and music trainers are always the best resources. They can assist to improve your singing or speaking voice through vocal chords strengthening exercises. In fact, you can enroll in formal classes for vocal chords exercises.

Another source are DVDs or VCDs that you can always play in your own home at your convenient time. Also, you can find some vocal chords strengthening exercises in the Internet. As said, there are a lot of ways if you really want to improve your voice. Just like the body, it needs an appropriate exercise to remain healthy. Our vocal chords need the appropriate vocal chord strengthening exercises to function efficiently.


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